Laboratory glass bottles & accessories

At home in the laboratories of the world for decades.


It was only the invention of DURAN® by Otto Schott that enabled scientists to
push out the frontiers of chemistry and achieve results that had previously been
unattainable. The special composition of DURAN® makes it possible to achieve
maximum possible chemical resistance, minimal thermal expansion, and, thus
resulting, high resistance to thermal shock. This optimum physical and chemical
performance makes DURAN® the obvious choice for use in laboratories.


  • High raw material purity guarantees uniform glass properties
  • Decades of experience in the manufacture of laboratory glassware guarantees constant quality
  • Uniform wall thickness distribution in all areas of the article
    • Consequently, improved mechanical stability and improved resistance to temperature changes
    • Prevents stresses forming in the glass and possible bursting during heating and cooling
    • Advantages: improved safety for employees, longer service life of laboratory glassware, protection of valuable substances
  • Product traceability (Retrace Code)